Album Release: OUT OF CONTROL – Träsh

Squeaking, squealing, tearing, teasing – she’s allowed to. A minimum of harmony and melody – she has that. OUT OF CONTROL – the new album, the new music by Träsh.

Here you can listen to the tracks, and here you can listen to the debut Venus (2022) – again and again.

Better than nothing and better than no one: Träsh. Active for years on the Berlin Trepterror Records label, which he co-founded, he is now unexpectedly launching his second release – the follow-up to his surprise hit, the Venus EP.

Quota horse, draft horse, talking stallion.

In Aussenstelle Kreuzberg, his sacred and cozy home studio, he cooks up breakbeats and straight beats: always snappy (don’t make sense), sometimes dubby (their law), booty shakeable of course (van kiff), funky punky (chien), downbeats with chill breaks (what mama always says), the trippy hit single (size of nothing), sex on the beach (u), but never too serious and also folky (seksi bois).

Let yourself be enchanted and taken away when Träsh goes out of control.

In general: It’s all something more for your bass reducer than for your bass booster.

Träsh brings some of his best friends into the studio to make the album the unforgettable journey it is.